In the image below you can see how the stockinette stitch looks like. But the beauty is that you can transform any of my brioche rib pattern into stockinette. In the video tutorial I show how to knit the two-color brioche stockinette stitch and point out the differences between stockinette and rib stitch. Also I teach how to modify my brioche rib patterns in order to get stockinette patterns.
Cast-on an odd number of stitches
Row 1: k1, *sl1yo, k1; rep from *, sl1yo, sl1 wyif 
Row 2, 6: sl1 wyib *brk1, sl1yo; rep from *, brk1, sl1 wyib 
Row 3, 7: k1, *sl1yo, brp1; rep from *, sl1yo, sl1 wyif 
Row 4, 8: sl1 wyif, *brp1, sl1yo; rep from *, brp1, sl1 wyif 
Row 5: k1, *sl1yo, brk1; rep from *, sl1yo, sl1 wyif 
Repeat only rows 5 - 8 

k - knit
brk - brioche knit
brp - brioche purl
sl1yo - slip 1 with yarn over needle
sl1 wyib - slip 1 purlwise with yarn in back
sl1 wyif - slip 1 purlwise with yarn in front

Brioche rib vs brioche stockinette
You can see the differences between the brioche rib stitch and the brioche stockinette stitch on the example of the fish scales pattern here under.
  • On the right side the stockinette stitch accentuates both colors of yarn used in the project:
  •  Unfortunately, on the wrong side you don't get kind of the same pattern like in the brioche rib, so the stockinette stitch is not reversible:
As you can see by comparing the charts,the difference between the two of them is that row number 2 and row number 4 are changing places. So, in order to get a stockinette pattern instead of a rib pattern, you knit the pattern rows (row 5, 9, 13, 17....) exactly how I show you in the video and for the "filling" rows (2, 3, 4) you have 2 possibilities:
  1. Knit the rows 2, 3, 4 that I show in the stockinette video.
  2. Knit the rows 2, 3, 4 that I show in the video for the pattern you want to transform in stockinette, but in the order 4-3-2 not 2-3-4.
Also in row 2 there is another difference - the way that you knit the brkyobrk from the previous row. Usually (in brioche rib patterns) you knit them: sl1yo, p1, sl1yo, but in stockinette patterns you have to knit them: sl1yo, k1, sl1yo. So instead of purling that center stitch, you knit it. Analogically you do it for br4st inc or br8st inc etc.
And that's it, if you knit properly (for stockinette) the rows 2, 3, 4 and in row 2 the stitches of the brkyobrk (or br4st inc, br8st inc etc.) from the previous row, you will obtain a beautiful two-color brioche stockinette pattern instead of brioche rib.

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