Cast-on a multiple of 4 + 3 symmetry stitches 
Row 1, 2, 7, 8 (color A): knit across
Row 3 (color A): *p3, k1; rep from*, p3
Row 4 (color A): *k3, p1; rep from*, k3
Row 5 (color B): *k3, 1 to 5 inc; rep from*, k3
Row 6 (color B): *k3, p5tog; rep from*, k3
Row 9 (color A): *p1, k1, p2; rep from*, p1, k1, p1
Row 10 (color A): *k1, p1, k2; rep from*, k1, p1, k1
Row 11 (color B): *k1, 1 to 5 inc, k2; rep from*, k1, 1 to 5 inc, k1
Row 12 (color B): *k1, p5tog, k2; rep from*, k1, p5tog, k1
Repeat rows 1 - 12
I think this is a great pattern for a baby blanket. It creates texture and if you knit in a new color every  set of shell rows, then the color possibilities are endless.  

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