Plain of flowers

Cast-on a multiple of 4 + 3 symmetry stitches + 2 edge stitches
Row 1 (color A): (edge st) *k3, sl1yo; rep from*, k3 (edge st)
Row 2 (color A): (edge st) *k3, sl2yo; rep from*, k3 (edge st)
Row 3 (color B): (edge st) *k3, (p1, yo, p1) in the same 3 sts; rep from*, k3 (edge st)
Row 4 (color B): (edge st) p1, *p1, k2tog, k1, skp; rep from*, p2 (edge st)
Row 5 (color A): (edge st) k1, *sl1yo, k3; rep from*, sl1yo, k1 (edge st)
Row 6 (color A): (edge st) k1, *sl2yo, k3; rep from*, sl2yo, k1 (edge st)
Row 7 (color B): (edge st) k1, *(p1, yo, p1) in the same 3 sts, k3; rep from*, (p1, yo, p1) in the same 3 sts, k1 (edge st)
Row 8 (color B): (edge st) * k2tog, k1, skp, p1; rep from*, k2tog, k1, skp (edge st)
As I say in the video tutorial, this pattern looks like a plain of flowers on the wrong side of the work, and for those who are more into the urban style, on the right side, there's a brick wall :)
And if these two sides aren't enough, you can change the pattern also by knitting only half of it. If you repeat only the first four rows, this is what you get:
And in this case, the "bricks" on the other side are aligned differently:
Or you can alternate a full 8 rows repeat with only 4 rows. See how it would look on the wrong side:
And on the right side:
Chart and instructions:

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