2 toe-up socks

The video and chart are for men's US 10/UK 9/EUR 43 size socks in bulky yarn (100m/100g). I cast-on 16 stitches per sock. The cast-on number of stitches changes if you make women's size or you use other weight yarn.  

This technique of knitting 2 socks at-a-time spares you the constant notes on how you knit one sock, so that you could repeat exactly the same when knitting the other one.

And the fact that you knit toe-up gives you the possibility to stop at any height of the sock. That is a big advantage when you have yarn leftovers, you can use up everything.
Or you could knit a little bit shorter socks than usual, but be sure that you are being able to finish them, which in the case of cuff-down socks you can't do, you just pray that the yarn that you have will be enough :)

 And if you use bulky yarn, you can make magic happen: they stand on their own like mine above  :) Otherwise only the heels will stand :)

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